Silver Dale Free Range Eggs

Silver Dale Free Range Eggs is a family owned business in central Queensland. Being long time cattle farmers, hens were introduced as an environmentally friendly way to improve the grass and soil for the cattle.

“Providing the best grass for our cattle and doing all we can to enhance the health of our land and ecosystems is pretty important to us. Layer hens (and their great natural fertilizing and composting abilities), came to mind and from there Silver Dale Eggs was born.”

Silver Dale Free Range hens are free to roam and do the things hens like to do. Farmed with carbon neutral farming methods, hens lay their eggs in special mobile chook houses which are moved regularly to new paddocks. Silver Dale Free Range Eggs is proud to farm according to the RSPCA Approved Farming animal welfare standards.

“One of the key aims at Silver Dale Eggs is the health and happiness of our hens. Our chooks roam freely all day long. They’re never confined but they do have free access to shelter, perches, grain and cosy nests in our purpose-built mobile chook-houses. These chook-houses are regularly moved so that our chooks always have access to fresh grass (and new bugs and new bathing spots).”

Available in QLD