As a consumer, your shopping list is your voting card and buying humane food when shopping can make a difference to the lives of millions of farm animals.

You have the power to influence what products you see on the supermarket shelf.

Here's some tips to help shop humanely.


Email your supermarket now and ask for RSPCA Approved food

If you can’t find an RSPCA Approved product nearby, encourage your local supermarket to stock it.


Remember, if you’re unhappy with the products available at your local food retailer, shop around and find a store with more humane options.


Spread the word and tell your friends and family to purchase humane food.


Don’t forget to Choose Wisely when eating out.

Along with decisions at the supermarket, you can also make a direct impact on the welfare of farm animals when dining out.

Ask your favourite restaurant or cafe to join the growing number of businesses making the switch to humane food. That means your favourite eating spot will serve eggs, chicken or pork produced from animals that have been farmed humanely.


Support businesses that are Good Eggs.

The RSPCA Good Egg Awards celebrate companies that are showing leadership by sourcing or switching to cage-free eggs (barn or free-range eggs).

Check out Australia’s Good Egg Award Winners.


Choose Wisely Good Eggs Awards